Over the years, it is experienced that leave the lessons and realize that even without a roadmap to guide people’s lives, there are basic and universal rules that help us to get closer to happiness!

1. Make peace with your past

By getting stuck in what happened in the past, you are limiting not only your future but especially your present. And as we all know, we will never have a happy future if we do not know how to take advantage of the good things that come into our lives.

Oh sure, and we will never be able to see the good opportunities if we are obsessed with the past!



So make peace with what you left behind. Attention, you should not simply ignore or forget the past, but just see it as a lesson to be learned that will help in your present and future.

2. Do not Care About What Others Say About You


Unfortunately, people are constantly trying to “control” what others do or do not do. One of the “secrets” to have peace and to fully enjoy life is to ignore all this pressure!

Life is yours and no one has anything to do with the decisions you make to try to be happy. Never forget that!

3. Time heals (almost) everything

This phrase is older than my great-great-grandmother … but it’s true!

No pain is forever, and as much as the sense of loss never disappears, know that sooner or later you will feel better.

And when the time has come to do your part, it will be your turn to continue. Just as moments of joy can come to an end, all sorrow and pain will also make room for a beautiful new chapter in your life.


4. No one is in charge of your happiness, only you!

So take your stand and take charge of your life once and for all! That means if you have a dream, the first person to fight to win it must be YOU!

If you are not satisfied with the course your life is taking, then stop, reevaluate, and change. Remember that you always have the option to change, even though it may seem difficult or complicated, but yet again: your happiness just YOU command!

5. Do not compare your life with that of other people

do not compare your life with other people_Liveintomorrow

You may have heard the saying “the neighbour’s grass is always greener,” right? Well, this is the summary of another common mistake most people have: they are never satisfied with what they have!

We may not live in a castle, have rivers of money or have the coolest job in the world … But we have goals and dreams, and instead of comparing what so-and-not has, pass the action and make YOUR dreams come true. come true!

Oh, and another thing: do not judge! You also do not know what other people might be going through in your life, and before you go out picking up crazy hypotheses to justify others’ attitudes, stop and ask the following question: Am I enjoying MY life?

6. Stop thinking too much about things

No problem in not being able to solve everything in your life. Keep working and struggling, and when you least expect it, solutions will pop up!

Do not let frustrations keep you from continuing your journey. The road is long, not always easy and only with great force, you will arrive satisfied in the end … But believe me, it’s worth it!

7. Smile

You do not have all the problems in the world, so know how to smile at all the good things you’ve done or are in your life!