Alcohol Harm Your Brain Health More Than Marijuana

We live in a modern society where marijuana is used as a medical cure and is not so dangerous to the brain health instead of alcohol. Young people spend a lot of time drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana without worrying about the consequences. Most of them enjoy the feeling be ”high” which is dangerous to their mental health and body. Day by day, the brain is suffering but it suffers more from the constant use of alcohol instead of using marijuana sometimes.

Can you beleive that alcohol can damage your brain health more than marijuana? If you want to read useful information read these facts that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

What can the use of marijuana do to your brain health

Probably you are wondering what is worse, the use of marijuana or the use of alcohol. One recent research says that marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs and imagine, cocaine and meth are considered less dangerous drugs. But science says that when a person uses marijuana (smoking or ingesting), this dangerous substance has no significant long-term effects on the structure of your brain. The effect of the brain is that keeps the neurons firing, it magnifies person thoughts and perception. Also helps to improve the feeling of the person and to be happy, to forget about problems and to lose the mental ability. People that use marijuana can’t read a book, can’t drive a car, can’t take care of ownself, can’t play sport, etc.

Nowadays, marijuana is used as a cure for cancer and there are people who fight this disease with the use of the cannabis oil. Here, I will ask another question: can really cannabis oil cure cancer? Read on this link!

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What alcohol does to your brain health

Drink by drink, glass full of alcohol affects our brain health in a harmful way, it can produce detectable impairments in memory. Even knowing this fact people spend a lot of time with friends, drinking favourite drinks until the early morning hours. The use of cannabinoids, cocaine, caffeine, sugar and alcohol have the same effect on the brain.

Some factors decide about how alcohol can affect a person’s brain:

  • the age of the person
  • gender of the person
  • how much and how often person drinks
  • the amount and the type of alcohol
  • the health of the person

Another research says that it doesn’t matter the amount of alcohol but what is important is the gender. A woman brain health can suffer more than men’s brain even though they are drinking the same amount of alcohol.


Next time when drinking alcohol remember this post and the mind-blowing facts about what can alcohol do to your brain instead of feeling relaxed. Prevent disease that can be very dangerous for your body and mental health. You decide about your health and lifestyle, so avoid these two dangerous substances. If you have some time, spend it on our website and read about the 9 everyday habits that drain our energy, thanks for your attention!

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