Being an Only Child – The Positive and Negative Sides

Being an only child has it’s own positive and negative sides, psychologists say. The research is similar to those children that are first-born but aren’t the only in the family. Also, read about why we should behave with children in a good way on the link here. Noe check the positive and negative sides of the only children in one family!

being an only child
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Here are the positive sides of being the only child in the family:

  • they are conscientious

They are calmful, being loved because are the only child in one family.

  • they are sensitive to others 

When you see that your child is sensitive to others this is because deep inside them, they love the idea of having a brother or sister that will be so small and loved.

  • later in life, they became good leaders

The only example to see when they grow in the small family is their parents so they learn how to be good leaders later in life.

Unfortunately, the list with the negative sides is longer instead of positive ones. Here are the negative sides of growing as an only child:

  • they can struggle socially

Their schoolers already have brothers and sister so this make them struggle socially, to feel alone.

  • they are alone having no brother or sister

They feel alone, don’t have any person to paly with so parents usually play with them.

  • they never learn how to share their stuff

The things they have are just theirs so when a friend comes, they simply don’t want to share their toys, books or everything else.

  • they can struggle with anxiety and self-esteem

They are anxious because every wish is accomplished by their parents.

  • the primary role in their lives are their parents

They are smarter because are grown up with parents and are constantly listening to their conversation.

After checking the negative and positive sides of being the only child in the family, we realized that being an only child has more downs than ups. If it is possible, every parent should give their firstborn child, second-born child and with this to add friends in their life, to help their children to grow without caring about social status.