Child’s Intelligence is Inherited From Their Mothers

New research has shown that a child’s intelligence is not inherited from their fathers but from their mother’s genes. It doesn’t’ matter of the gender ( a son or a daughter) in both cases mother genes are deciding factor about a children’s intelligence. Every child is different, have different parents and live in different living conditions. Some of them are smart, the others aren’t and those who went into kindergarten before are much better in school than the others. All of these factors have an influence on child education and development and determine if one child will be successful at school or not.

Read on the full text and find useful information about studying and factors who have a big influence on childhood education.


Child’s intelligence depends on chromosome X

A recent research made by scientist Robert Lehrke shows that most of a child’s intelligence depends on the X chromosome. In his opinion, women have two X chromosomes are twice as likely to pass on characteristics related to intelligence. To conclude, mums have a task to transmit their genes to their children. Science says that boys have one X chromosome transmitted from their mums, and one Y chromosome transmitted from their dads. To sum up, this means that intelligence depends on the mother’s intelligence. Another expert made a research in a University of Ulm, placed in Germany, and his results have confirmed the same fact.

How much time parents spend with their children in studying

When a child is bad at school their parents get nervous without asking themselves what’s wrong with their child? Is the problem in the child or is the problem in them?  A child can show low results on the test when their parents have home problems when there is no one at home to study with that child. It often happens that some children to have bad results at school even though their parents are educated and have a faulty degree. So, here I must say that in some cases this rule is broken because it all depends on the child if the child wants to learn will learn in any possible way. Although a child’s intelligence depends on parents how much free time they have to spend with their children in studying, reading, telling stories and teaching them. If one parent does nothing at all but just waits for his child to be successful at school the only thing that he will get is a big disappointment. Every child needs attention and motivation from heir parents, grandparents to go on ahead. Do you agree with my opinion? If not, feel free to express your own opinion below this post in a comment. Thanks for your attention and if you are a parent, I hope that you found some useful information about your children schooling.

mother and child's intelligence

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