Colorful Floating Market, Wajah Mass Market, Indonesia

I’ve seen a lot of things on the net, but something like this never before. It’s about the floating market, the Wajah Mass Market placed in Indonesia. Imagine, to buy fruits or veggies you will need our own boat or canoe to go to the market and buy a thing :)))

Here are some facts about floating markets. Floating markets are one of the biggest temptations for travelers in and around Bangkok. The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is just 20 kilometers from Bangkok and a great example of fo floating baskets. Beleive or not, this floating market is especially famous for its local drool-worthy food.

What type of food can you found and buy here?

Here you can buy and eat gai chicken biryani, northern khao soi curried noodles, bananas, green beans, meat, tomato, lemon, fruits. Here, you can also buy flowers and plants. If you ever come here, take enough money with you and basket for your products.

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floating market
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This is one of the reasons to come here and visit the place!!! I made a research to reveal that there are around 12 floating markets in and around Bangkok. But there’s one unique thing about Khlong Lat Mayom, which makes it the best floating market in Bangkok, and that’s the amazing food without any crowd or chaos and we will upload a photo from the place to have a look in it. There is a pleasant atmosphere is another plus at this Thai attraction. The lush green area is a pleasant sight and a perfect destination to buy here your products. Come on, take a look in the photo now and see the details.

colorful floating market
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