Hey friends. How are you? After our last post that was about how to cure the toothache if dentist office is closed or how to reduce the ear pain in a natural way in-home, we are here with a new post. Today, we won’t give you advice about reducing the pain because we hope that you have no health problem, have you? Today we will talk about concept house plans in 3D, both can be used for rural and urban place and maybe you need it.

I think that the interior part of the house is that part where people spend their money and buy modern decorations. But, we shouldn’t forget that to have completely designed house we need also exterior decor and a plan of course. This day, we will keep on the exterior plans but next time we will be BACK with interior plans to make the full plan, to make full visualization of your future home! Now, take a short glance in the plans!

Concept house plans, urban and rural

In the first concept, we can see an exterior plan and we will keep all post to the exteriors. As you can see house exteriors walls are modern, there is modern lighting, the pathways are largely made from bricks, there are grass and large yard. Hope you have a plan in your head for your exterior. If you are interested in indoor plans, visit this page and find the best 3D house plans with one bedroom, share with friends.

house plans
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Dreamy exterior house plan of a house with three floors

Most of the people think of redesigning their house when they are making a wedding, party celebration or when they get unexpected money. But when this time comes they have no idea how to design it, what exterior design to choose. This is why you have to save these plans on your desktop and when this time happens to be ready. Now, take a look in this dreamy house that we prepared for you to impress you, to give you a plan of redesigning your future home with three plans.

dreamy house
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House plan with garage place and modern front yard

If you have a car, you have to think of leaving some space for the garage in the front yard. Please check the last plan from this post and try to make future house plan of exterior part from the dreamy house. Be happy with the decoration and design. As I said this is the last plan from this post today and hope you decided for your exterior place. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

house with garage
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At the end of the post we wish you having a nice rest of the day, keep rest and scroll on our page to keep reading the best ideas for interior and exterior. Thanks for everything! For the time, minutes, patience, seconds, support, we love you and we will be back soon with NEW ideas for home decor!