Cure the Ear Pain in Natural Way

There isn’t any person who doesn’t feel ear pain in some period of life. What causes this pain, how to surpass and cute in a natural way? Stay with us to the end of the post and find the answer to all of your questions.

Ears are very sensitive organs, and most people do not realize until they are faced with an ear infection. This pain can feel a baby, an adult and little children. Earaches are painful and so irritating that they may be entirely disruptive but however, you can cure it from home and don’t need to visit a doctor in most cases. Ear pain can be caused by throat pain and hard swallowing, can be caused by tooth removal because ears are connected with tooth also.

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  1. Salt

Salt kills all the bacteries we have in the body. So, next time when you feel pain in the ear, ad salt on a soft cloth and insert on the ear. Hold about 15 minutes and see the result.

2. Garlic

We already know that garlic helps in almost every situation and cure the pain at home. Recently we told you that you can use garlic to cure the toothache but you can do the same with the ear pain.

3. Cinger

Cinger is an herb that can cure your pain and you need to extract the juice and pour it into the infected ear; just squeeze the roots and add some warm water. If there is still no pain-relieving, you should call your doctor.

4. Breast milk

We know that breast milk is a cure for almost every pain, pain in eyes, pain in the tooth but it also cures pain in the ear. So, if you know a mother who has milk in breasts and she is breastfeeding, tell her to help you a bit with your pain!

5. Adjust your sleeping position

Sleeping is also important and if you have ear pain, try to sleep on the other ear. This happened to me wh nI felt pain in ear and I slept on the same ear finally to find out that the pain was increasing due to the hard pillow.

6. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a cure for the throat but also can cure bacteries in the ear. Try it.

7. Olive oil

This time you won’t cook with olive oil but you will apply on the ear and forget about the pain for a few minutes. Try and tell us in a comment if has an effect.

If you tried all these natural remedies that we gave you and there is no effect, you feel the same pain liek before, you should visit a doctor because sometimes ear pain tells that you have serious health problems.

Also find some information about what to do when the dentist isn’t working and you have a toothache, feeling the pain that is unbearable. Follow this link and read something more about it. Share with friends these amazing posts!

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