How to Deal With Someone You Can’t Stand

Is normal to have those periods in life when you feeling nervous and you’re fed up with everything. In these days we can’t deal with our boss, our colleagues, etc. As a result, we are fighting with everyone. But there are some people that we simply can’t stand. It doesn’t matter if we feel good or bad, we are trying to avoid contact with them. The PROBLEM IS that we must see these people every day. Most often, these people are our colleagues, our team leaders or our professors.

It might be easier to explore and to fight with them constantly but is harder to find mutual understanding. Read on to find out how to deal with someone you can’t stand. Psychology has a SOLUTION to this problem!

can't stand

Figure out what minds you in this person

Sometimes we exaggerate with the critics for some person. We mind his way of clothing, a way of eating, way of talking etc. But, when a problem happens maybe this will be the only person to help us. That’s why we need to calm down and to think twice before insulting someone. We are all different. Figure out what minds you in a person that you can’t stand. Try to tell him in a calm and quiet conversation. This is how to start dealing with someone you can’t stand.

Watch how others deal with this person

If you are the only one that hates this person, the problem is in YOU and not in HIM. Watch how others ignore the thing that mind you and you can’t bear. Talk to your colleagues and find out about what’s the secret. Don’t be selfish! Maybe that is some kind of tolerance test. Just calm down!


Think about the benefits you have for him/her

Not all the things this person does mind you. I’m sure you have benefited from it. Imagine if you reveal what you really think of this person! He/she will behave in the same way as you do to her/him. Your working day can be stressful, each day!

Take coffee or tea to him/her working table

Get close to this person. Take a coffee to him/her working table and be likeable. Gain positive scores! By doing good things people love us and behave soften and carefully. Use this trick and solve the problem you have.

You don’t have to be friend with all of your colleagues

Remember, you don’t have to be friend with all of your colleagues. You are not in that working place for making friendships. All colleagues can’t behave well to you. But you are there to work and not to think about this!

Focus on your work and not on potentials

As I written before, your task is to focus on your work. Out of work can have thousands of friends. In a working place, you might have no one close to you. This is not a reason to feel bad or to quit work. Is a simple task. Deal with people you can’t stand by using these methods!

focus on work