What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You?

We spent 7,8, hours every night in sleeping. Dreaming about different things every night. But, not always remember what our dream was about. If a dream is bad, scary or something sad happened to us in it, is easy to remember it. Well, dreams are important to us and are trying to tell us a lot of things. A dream may come to warn us that something bad or good will happen in near future. Sometimes, we are talking while dreaming, we may cry while dreaming or we may be laughing.

What your dreams are trying to tell you? What is Rapid Eye Movement REM? Read the full text to find out.


How to interpret your dreams?

Psychology says that we can interpret our dreams. Sometimes, we dream of something that is in our head constantly. We think about it all the time and this thing came into our dream. But, different to this situation is when we are dreaming about something we have never thought about it. For example to dream that your teeth are falling means that signifies a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. Dreaming baby signifies new start and innocence. Crying in a dream means to release negative emotions. Otherwise, smiling in a dream is a good sign. Please check this link if you want to interpret your last dream!

girl sleeping smiling

Why can’t you scream in dreams?

Sometimes we have nightmares and bad dreams. Have you noticed that you can’t scream during sleeping and dream? But why? This is a question that I’m asking constantly in my head. Finally, I found out the answer and it is here. A dream, when a person is screaming, can be a traumatic experience. Science says that for one person is better to not scream when dreaming. If this happens means that this person is not very affected by the dream. It can control it and wake up easily.

You can’t continue your last dream, why?

You are dreaming about something and suddenly alarm wakes you up. If the dream was good you feel bad about not finishing it. You are trying to sleep again and again but you never come back to the same dream. Psychology says that most dreams end up to their final stage. The end of the dream is unknown to us. Even if a person tries to repeat its dream the next night, is impossible.

Rapid Eye Movement REM

REM sleeping happens when we fall deeply in sleep. The first phase lasts 10 minutes, but the second phase lasts even an hour. When this happens to our brain and body happens several changes. Our brain functions the same as we are awake. For example, we move with our eyes rapidly but we can’t move our legs and arms. We can’t even wake up easily. This can happen to adults and children, but there are some cases when happens to babies. Rapid eye movement lasts around 90 to 120 minutes.

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