Five Fundamental techniques to influence and persuade anyone!

influence techniques

Influence techniques are much like art that is backed up by science. Influencing someone involves emotions and beliefs. So, You have to know how and what people are thinking. Influence techniques and the art of persuasion is all about, that a Person react, think, do or believe in the way you want.
Simply, by using the principles discussed herein, you will be able to move someone, to think, act, and maybe even believe the way you want.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you’re lacking in communication skills, then you’ll find these techniques are pretty helpful.This article begins with a short tour of the key elements of persuasion, that I have compiled and used.
Finally, I broke it down into five important aspects:

influence techniques

Five fundamentals to influence anyone:

Put yourself in their perspective:

Simply, if you want to catch fish then you’ll take earthworm as a bait onto the fishing rod, rather than a buttered popcorn. Buttered popcorn is delicious, but for us not for the fish. Influencing someone is not about what you want,  It’s all about seeing through their eyes, seeing what they want.

Don’t criticize, condemn or complain:

No one likes being criticized for things they have already done. You should approach the person in a way that, “mistakes can be done by anyone, don’t regret over your past and learn from your mistakes” it will frame a good image of you in front of other people.

Appreciate others genuinely:

Everyone wants to be appreciated, So appreciate others even for Lil’ things. Everyone has the desire to be appreciated, this desire in students bring motivation to achieve 1st rank in the exam, so his/her parents would appreciate, this desire brings motivation in alpinist to achieve great heights. These influencing technique will help you a lot to make great bonds with anyone.

Building RAPPORT:

Developing rapport means that you get the attention of the person whom you want to influence, and you build trust within them. Try to understand their frame of mind. Are they suspicious? Are they upset, sad, or worried? What their emotional state is.

Until you can really get into their shoes, you cannot build a strong rapport and your efforts to influence them will fail. Your goal cannot be about you, right!  it must focus on the target. my teacher once told me to “kill them with kindness.” Being kind to people is also a quick way to build rapport.


Ask them about their profession, what they’ve accomplished, what they aspire to, what they’ve endured. Understand that people often live as though we are the star of our own life movie and it is the only movie they have.


  • Be an extrovert
  • Follow conversation by addressing their name
  • Be an active participant in a conversation
  • Listen to their opinion
  • Establish a good image
  • Take a friendly approach
  • Smile- As Smile is a symbol of happiness it will create a happy environment for you and also for other people around you.

influence techniquesAt last, I just want to advise you to practice the skill of persuasion until it becomes part of your habit. It doesn’t help you until you seek it out in your daily life. And if you have Better influence techniques then share it in the comment box, so other people can also take benefit from your experience.

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