Forget About Bread if You want to Lose Weight

It’s easy to get on weight and you can do this for only one month (thirty days) but what is hard is to lose weight. You must forget about the bread if you want to lose weight and to be the old you, short and slim. I know that this looks like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE but we can at least try to do that.

By the way, read about fitness workouts for beginners and go to the gym if you want to reduce weight additionally.

Bread isn’t healthy food for us but some of us can’t imagine lunch without eating bread. Not just that bread makes you fat and boost your belly and makes you bloated, it also can be dangerous for your sugar level. Bread increase your sugar makes you fat, well, this tells you that you must forget about it for a few periods. I think that if we don’t buy it and see it at home, we will learn how to eat our meal without bread.

It’s not just the bread but everything else that is done with flour. This makes you fat and if you can quit eating it, be careful to eat it just for lunch! Never ever eat bread in the night before sleeping because this will take you to 5 kg plus on your weight!

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Replace the bread with potatoes and lose weight

I think that it would be smart to reduce your weight if you quit eating bread and on your menu to add potatoes without bread. You can eat pasta without bread again. You can eat fruits and veggies, drinking milk, smoothies. It’s okay to eat two portions, don’t feel ashamed for that. Beleive me, friends, the only way to make your belly flat is to forget about fast food, food with flour. This food increases your sugar level as I said in my introduction. Go back and read it if you miss it.

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To sum up, before writing this post I made little research about this topic so I presented you with all the arguments, a survey was done with people, unselfish people that tried this and get the result. Now they are slim and you can be slim too if you follow our rules and read our full texts!

Be kind to tell your fat friend how to reduce weight and tell them about our page that always takes care of you and trying to help you in every situation.