Genetics: Daugthers Look More Like Their Father and Sons Look More Like their Mothers

Hey parents. Genetics says that daughters look more like their fathers and sons look more like their moms. Is this true or false, you will read if you stay with us to the end of the post. Or, after reading it, you can feel free to express your own opinion about this topic and tell us are you connected with one of your parents more and if you have children, which of them is more similar to you. We are waiting to hear your own opinion but first, let’s read some interesting facts.


One interesting fact that blown my mind is that I read that genetically, a son will be similar to his mother’s father while a daughter will be similar to her father’s mother. I don’t think that this is always true because at some families both children are similar to one of the parents. The mother of a father depends of the genes. Which genes are more influent will find a place in the look of the newborn baby and later will also be visible in character. 🙂

Other research says that girls often more likely to have a father’s bone structure but of course on the more feminine way, for example, dad has long legs and thin skull, a girl more likely to have it in big possibility, but the shapes of another thing like mouth, nose tip will be the same as the mother. And sons more often we see that the bone structure for his whole body is from his mom but in a more manly way so sometimes we see a son look just like his uncle which is so true. I have seen children looking like their grandparents which I explain that their parents look like their parents too so genetics goes from one generation to another.


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How weird this sounds, imagine to have daughter and son and none of them to look like you but both to look like their father and in the same way to the mother in law. This is an interesting fact. To be honest I really like these themes so when I started researching on the net for these themes I realized how I love psychology and I think that I made a mistake with my faculty choice. Do you like psychology? Be our follower I the future and read the interesting posts that we will share with you!!!