Here’s Why You Need A Pram Liner

If you use a pram often, then you know how vital a liner can be. Most prams are not padded well enough to protect the baby from the discomfort that comes from the hard plastic and metallic parts. A pram liner is almost like a mattress in a bed. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sleep on a bed with a very thin mattress. It not only helps to keep the baby comfortable but also serves many other purposes. Here are some of the benefits of a pram liner and ultimately, why you should get one:


If your pram liner is made with breathable and gentle material, it will help to regulate temperatures, especially when it is very hot. The baby will feel cooler, and her sweating will reduce. This adds some comfort the pram, and the baby can easily snooze through the whole walk.


It is easy to spill milk, juice, or other fluids that you may bring along when carrying the baby in a pram. Such messes not only make the pram dirty but also expose it to wear and tear, primarily due to constant washing and cleaning. A pram liner is the perfect alternate cover will protect it from such damage and prolong its useful life. This could be a necessary cost-saver, especially when you expect to have more kids. If you maintain it well, it will be in a state good enough to use on other babies. This is the primary function of a pram liner.

Pram liners are usually easy to clean. Most of them can be washed in a machine, and they typically dry very quickly.


Prams are typically made with hard plastic or metallic parts that could hurt the baby and make them uncomfortable if left unpadded. The liners are usually made with soft and orthopedic material that should absorb shock in the cases of bumps or rough rides. This takes care of your baby’s head and back.

Babies can also be quite fidgety, and it is necessary to use a liner to make sure that they get all the support and protection they need to stay comfortable and safe.


If you are a stylish mom, then a pram liner would be an excellent way to show it.  You can match the liner with a fashion accessory or even the baby’s outfit. It would be adorable and fashionable at the same time.

This is very easy because nowadays, pram liners come in a variety of color and style. You can get various designs to match your taste or your baby’s color theme. You can also get a plain white; it would look good with almost anything. You would, however, have a tough time dealing with spills and messes that may leave very noticeable stains.

In conclusion, a pram liner is an essential addition to your baby’s items. It will save both of you a lot of trouble.