Smart Students Hide Intelligence From Their Peers

Psychology is a discipline that deals with mental processes and behaviour. This discipline explains why some people and even smart students hide intelligence from their peers. Sometimes we all hide some things form not to be revealed. Smart people do this to find out if someone is cheating on them. An intelligent person already knows your secret but don’t tell you. He/she uses this trick just to see if you will hide from him/her. The other reason to hide an intelligence is to avoid offending a person. As our grandparents say, you should think twice before talking. Some things we simply must keep it for ourselves. Meditation and puzzles help a person to improve IQ and to be smarter. Read more about this on our amazing website.

About the students, they also hide their intelligence. Students differ one from each other. Those who play with puzzles, abacus and Lego can be smarter than others. To try to be the same as the group in the class, can be a reason for not showing intelligence. Continue reading for other reasons to make you clear this.

hide intelligence

Why some students hide intelligence from their peers?

The reasons for hiding intelligence from peers are a lot. In every class, there is a student who has higher IQ of his peers.

Reason 1: To avoid laughing and point a finger at them Students laugh at him, being jealous of him and even avoid to be friend with this student. That’s the very first reason why some students don’t want to hold hand on a class to answer a question and to show its intelligence.

Reason 2: The other reason might be if the group find out about their smart peer in the class, they will ask for help during the testing. When there is a testing every student is calling this student for help and for answering a question. This is not fair, cause this student spent a lot of time studying at home.

Reason 3: To try to not differ of the group. For example, if all students in the class have low grades, a smart student will try to be on that level. Even if this student can be the best in the class, he will try to avoid attraction. Going in this direction this student will not show the high IQ.

Reason 4: They feel ashamed. These type of students feel ashamed to be loved the most and be gifted by their teacher. His student colleagues feel jealous about this and will make everything to stop it in succeeding great result on the test.

hide intelligence

Well, not every smart student hides the intelligence. Some of them fight with their peers, forget about the mentioned reasons and give the best of them. I absolutely support these students whose aim is to be the FIRST in the class! A teacher should support them too. Is needed to make a conversation teacher-student. A student must know hide intelligence is not the right thing to do just to be the same as other students.