Hold My Hand or I Will ,,Fall,,

Sometimes I feel so connected with my partner that I have some feeling that if he doesn’t hold my hand, I will,, fall,,. This was motivation to write a post for you and to give you some examples of important people we have in life, how to cherish this not to lose the hands that hold us and enjoy in every minute. Not just me but also other people have felt the same at least once in life. This happens when we love too much our partner when we spend too much time with him/her and can’t imagine the day without this person. We feel secure in his hands, hands that make us feel secure and will help us going through life. Hands…softy, because we love the person that is sitting or standing in front of us.

With a person like this in life, holding our hands, we will pass bad days and period in life. We will forget about pain because the pain suddenly disappears when we have someone that will be with us each time when we get sick. If you have a person like this in your life, hold those hands and expect the same love from the person. With this, you will be happy, feel the love that will take you through life.

Use every moment of happiness when your partner is holding your hands because maybe someday you will break up and there will no person to be your support. Cherish every minute and be proud to have person that you love and is loving you at the same time in life.

hold my hand

These hands can also be the hands of our parents because we feel so much love and connection with them. When we are young, children and also when we are adults we can always count to these people. People that grown us, helped us to go through life. For example, many young children at the age of 2,3, will say, ,, Mommy holds my hand,, and they are afraid of letting them go into kindergarten because they won’t be the same love from parents. These hands…. we should never let go but ever keep it in mind that we should love these people in this life. Life is short so tell your parents how much you love them! Like my topic says that if they don’t hold our hands we will suddenly fall.


In the end, thanks for your attention and read the last post that we shared recently and was about amazing hand painting art. Thanks for your time dear friends!!!