How Dangerous is Smoking in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of every woman. But, still, there is a woman who can’t quit their habits and they continue smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during this period. In the period when this woman needs vitamins, she is destroying her baby in some way. If you are asking me, I will never accept any reason about a woman who continues with smoking a cigarette even knowing that she is carrying a baby in her stomach. But, let’s read the full post and find out what SCIENCE says about smoking in pregnancy.

How smoking affects the baby during pregnancy?

There are many bad effects on an unborn child and here I will mention some of it. If you are smoking while you are pregnant, this can result as a:

  • miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy which means that you can’t finish your pregnancy in the right order;
  • premature birth is another sign and if you still continue smoking while pregnant, this is the next risk that is treating you;
  • your baby can have a low birth weight due to the cigarettes;
  • cigarettes can damage your baby’s heart and lungs.

Read the full post and find out which are the risks that baby can have after it’s born and after all.

smoking in pregnancy

Some woman faces depression in a period of pregnancy but there is also a way to fight depression with herbs, click on this useful link that will lead you to information about this. If you are a woman, if you are pregnant at this moment and still continue with smoking, my advice for you is to stop right now.

woman smoking

The effects on the baby after it’s born

The effects aren’t just visible when the baby is placed in the mother’s stomach, but also they are visible after childbirth. So, if you are interested why you should stop smoking in pregnancy, check the risks and potentially dangerous.

  • there is a risk of sudden infant death syndrome, called SIDS
  • respiratory disorders can also happen and the most often case is asthma
  • there is an increased risk of obesity in children and babies who are born overweight can stay like that for about 70 % in all life
  • there is also an increased  risk of childhood cancers,
  • high blood pressure can attack your little baby as a result of cigarettes
  •  can appear some dangerous allergies
  • middle ear disease, this is an unknown disease to me but I supposed that it’s dangerous.


Call for help to cut down the cigarettes

Don’t feel ashamed if you need help to cut down the cigarettes. This is the best thing that you need to do to offer help to your baby that is unborn. There are help centres about quitting the cigarettes that offer you help even for free, so go ahead and be a brave person. I hope that you found this post useful and if you are in plan to born a child in near future, please think about quitting of smoking right now. Save the health of your unborn baby and be a good mother.