How to break up with your partner without hurting him

How to breakup

If you have been thinking for a while and you have finally come to the conclusion that you no longer want to continue your relationship with your partner

It is very likely that you will ask yourself: how can I tell you so as not to hurt you? A question that is quite common when feelings have changed, we are not in love with that person but equally, we care, we are very fond of him and we do not want him to suffer because of us.

There is not a specific manual with which you are going to avoid that your partner has a bad time, since this is irremediable, but what you can do is be sincere at all times and communicate the decision tactfully. In the next article of a How we give you the best advice so that you can leave your partner without hurting him, take note!

Steps to follow:


Breaking up with a partner when there have been no betrayals, infidelities or serious problems in between is much more difficult, especially for the great affection and affection that we have for that person and not only her, but also her entire environment: parents, brothers, friends, etc.

For this reason and to avoid doing as little damage as possible, it is first necessary to analyze the situation and make sure that this is the decision you want to make definitively and that your position is firm in this regard.

If after some time thinking, you notice that your feelings towards that person have changed and you no longer feel the same, you do not bring what you need from a couple, the relationship is stagnant and does not advance, your differences are huge and there is no solution, your paths have taken different directions and you can not follow each other … the time has come, to be honest and tell your partner your decision to end the relationship.



Once you have the decision made, it is very important the way you say it, as well as the time and place you choose to tell them. You will have to take into account all these aspects and think twice before hurrying and throwing yourself to say or do “things” that can hurt you, remember that if he or she does not want to end the relationship it will be impossible to avoid 100% suffering or I had a bad time.

We, to begin with, recommend that you consider things like the following to avoid hurting or suffering excessively:

  • He deserves to be told in person:

    Nothing to be a coward and leave him with a message on his mobile or a call. Although it is for the respect and affection that you have had and all the time you have been together, it is only fair that you tell him face to face and explain what are the real reasons that have led you to make this decision.

  • Find the ideal moment:

    Although at first, you may think that it does not matter if you want to leave your partner without hurting it, it is fundamental that you choose the right moment to break the news. It is not convenient that you do it, for example, when you are emotionally low, stressed by work, have problems with other people in your environment, etc. Wait until he calms down and is in another mood so he can better fit your decision and not sink it further.

  • Choose the place well:

    Think of a place where both of you can talk quietly and nobody can interrupt you. On the contrary, avoid those public places to which you usually go together normally, in those that know you or in which you have lived some of the most beautiful and special moments of your relationship.




First of all, when the time comes to tell you that you want to end the relationship, you must be sincere and really explain how you feel and what it is that has led you to make that decision for good. You can explain to him with a delicacy that your feelings have changed, that they are not the same as before, that from your point of view the relationship can no longer advance or grow more and that, finally, you feel that the time has come for each of you to encaucéis your life separately.

As we say, you have to be honest but, on the other hand, it is important that you do not mention things that, even if they are true, can hurt you much more if you end up saying them. For example, if you have found someone you like or feel that you are falling in love with another person, you do not need to tell them, because you will only make the break more traumatic for him/her and make it worse.



Let him know that it is a decision that you have been thinking about for some time and that has been difficult to take. And, above all, take good care of the tone and do not turn the conversation into an argument that could completely ruin the end.

Think that it is no longer worth to argue and fight, try not to attack him with aspects of his personality or to throw in his face problems or situations of the past that at the time caused you more than one conflict, it does not make sense that you go back and argue about things that they no longer have an arrangement or will solve the current situation between the two.



When you have finally finished that conversation and you have fired (no sex and kisses, if you have it clear), it is also important that you act appropriately the following hours and the days that are to come.Liveintomorrow

It is essential that from now on you try to maintain the distances with your ex-partner, especially during the days after the rupture, and that you respect your space and decisions as much as possible. If he has clearly told you that he does not want to hear from you for a while, respect him and do not hit him with calls, messages, stays, etc.

You must be coherent and consistent with your actions and if finally, you have decided to quit, you should leave him really and not create false hopes.

If in addition to knowing how to leave your partner without hurting him, you want to take the positive out of the situation.



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