How to Prevent Cold and Flu and to Stay Healthy

We are enjoying in the last sunny days outside but these days won’t last long. Winter is coming soon and brings the cold days with it. So, we must find some ways to stay healthy and to prevent cold and flu. We are happy when we are healthy, so it’s time to learn how to keep our body in a good health condition and to prevent diseases that are attacking our body. In this post, I will try to help you in the following and tell you which are the things you need to pay attention to and to be a healthy person.

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cold and flu

Drink tea with lemon and honey every morning

Every morning and every night, instead of drinking coffee, drink lemon with honey and don’t forget the natural vitamin C – lemon. This is one way to keep your body in a good health condition and to prevent cold and flu. Spend a great time in your home, seating next to the fireplace in the living room and drink your favourite green tea!

prevent cold and flu

Breathe out

Fresh air is also an important thing that keeps you healthy and fresh person. don’t be afraid to go outside and walk even if the weather is snowing and its cold. Do the same with your children, but remember in the period of 30 minutes you need to go back home to drink tea and to warm.

breathe out

Keep your home and surroundings clean

Clean the office where you work, clean the home where you spend a lot of period of the day. With this, you will clean the bacteria that is attacking your body. Clean the floor, clean the dust and enjoy in spending quality time there in a healthy way.

clean home

Juice it

Don’t forget about the juice, my dear friend! Juice it, eat healthy food and prevent cold and flu. Those people who have a healthy lifestyle are healthy and never get diseased of bad diseases that are attacking our body.

juice it

Go to the gym and wipe out

Go to the gym, run and do a lot of exercises to keep your body vital and healthy. Don’t be afraid to run in the morning even if the weather is cold, just pay attention to wear suitable clothing.


Eat healthy food to prevent cold and flu

Vegetables and fruits are part of our winter diet that keeps us healthy. Eat lemons, bananas, orange fruits, carrots and help your body to fight with cold and flu, and also to help you to avoid some skin allergies due to the cold weather.


Improve the immune system

And it’s important to improve the immune system with pills that offers zinc. But, to be honest, I prefer to improve the immune system with fruits and veggies. I hope that you found useful this advice, thanks for your attention and for the minutes you spent on our website.