How to Recognize Miserable and Unhappy Person

Every person has different habits, exactly the habits and behaviours can tell a lot about one person and its feelings. Highly miserable and unhappy person has some unusual habits that express their sadness. People who are addicted to being unhappy will always look for some reason to be unhappy.

Sometimes is impossible to hide our sadness and to see other people happiness without feeling jealous for that.  ‘‘Happiness is a habit that we need to cultivate”  Read the full text to learn how to recognize a highly miserable and unhappy person.

unhappy person

An unhappy person is critical of self and others

The very first habit and sign that you have to deal with an unhappy and miserable person is that this person is critical of self and others. Everything that you are doing is not good for him/her, everything that she/he is doing is never enough to be good. When talking, this person talks negative about self and never says something positive. This person can’t accept the mistakes in work, in school and can’t face the fact that a mistake is done and to continue his/her life. All is reduced as it is the end of the world!

Complaining all the time

Unhappy people have the same in the head and brain, THE SADNESS and unhappy life. When seated in a company they have nothing else to say except complaining about the bad thing happening in life. The negative energy of these people can be easily passed on to another person. That’s why happy people avoid to have friends like this and avoid any contact to miserably people.

Regretting the past

We can’t go back in past and to live in the period that is over for us. This is very hard for a person who had a BIG love in the past and now that person is far away, or they broke up. Regretting about the past has no effect, the only thing we can do is to look ahead, to put ou head up and to walk in the future fearless!

Worrying about the future

As I said we shouldn’t be worried about the future and we should accept our life in the way it is. Bad thing happen to all of us, we can’t be sure if there will be bad moments in near future or some of it has stayed in the past. Worrying about the future can only be bad for us and our salvation is to look in the future with a HOPE.



Other’s people life is more interesting than own life, the usual habit of an unhappy person. This is the sign that will tell you that one person is unhappy. Negative talk about someone with smiling means that the gossip person has a lot of problems in life.

Eating poorly

People who have problems in life don’t have an appetite for eating and some big wish for preparing food. The reason for this is that in most cases these people live alone and have none to share food with. All this can affect their physical and mental health and also their appearance.