How To Take Care Of Your Velvet Clothing

Velvet is a luxurious, beautiful, and soft fabric. However, taking care of your velvet fabric can sometimes be quite a challenge. You have to know precisely what to do and what to avoid. You will need to take special care.

How To Clean The Velvet

Cleaning velvet is not easy, because of the pile on the fabric. In fact, most velvet fabrics shouldn’t be cleaned at home. Read the cleaning instructions carefully before washing velvet garments or upholstery. Don’t clean it yourself if you see the mark “dry clean only”, which you will find often.

But if you can wash it, then turn it inside out to make sure that you don’t rub the pile side directly. Use a gentle detergent. Gentle hand washing is the best. Don’t use the washer and also the dryer. High temperatures can damage the fabric. Always hang dry on a soft, padded hanger. Buy here the best velvet fabric and take good care of it. Your velvet will last for years.

Removing The Stain

Use a soft brush to clean around the stain. You can use a lint free cloth or a soft clothes brush. Damp a clean cloth with tepid water and dab gently on the stain. Don’t apply a lot of pressure. This will push the stain deeper into the pile. If you still see the stain, then mix washing liquid with warm water, wet a clean cloth with it, and then dab till the stain goes away. Take a dry cloth and dab to remove the excess water and residue. Now finally, brush the pile back into space.

How To Iron Velvet Fabric

Velvet will wrinkle and crease with use. Ironing over an iron board will flatten its pile permanently. Just keep the garment on a padded hanger if you see small creases and wrinkles. Keep it in a moist, warm bathroom. But for ironing, you will need a velvet board or needle board where many needles can be placed perpendicular to its surface. Keep the garment’s pile on the needles of the board while steaming or ironing over the cloth. This will ensure that there is no crushing or flattening.

Storing Velvet

There will be folding lines if you have folded the garment and stored it. The creasing lines are difficult to remove. So don’t keep them folded. You should always hang them. A padded, sturdy hanger will also prevent sagging and shoulder marks. But if you have to fold for some reason, then at least make sure to use acid-free tissue paper to pad the folds. This will prevent creases.

For preventing dust, cover the garment’s shoulder with cotton fabric that can be washed easily. You can use pillowcase or bed sheet. Keep in a washable and breathable fabric storage bag if you have to store your velvet for long-term. Remember, plastic will trap moisture and damage the fibers. There can be mildew growth, especially in the damp areas.