Is eye Color Inherited From Mother or Father?

Science says that this is true, children inherit their eye color from their parents, a combination of the eye colors of their mother and their own father. Sometimes we wish our children to inherit our eyes color but they inherit the eyes color of the other parents. There are even cases when the children don’t inherit the eyes colors of their parents but of their grandparents. For example, I have a friend with brown eyes and her husband also have brown eyes but their child has blue colored eyes which surprised me a lot! It all depends on the genes and which genes are more dominant will make succsses.

A baby’s eye color is determined by the parents‘ eye color and whether the parents‘ genes are dominant genes or recessive genes. In the following, we will upload a photo with the list about the eyes colors of the mother and father and the expectations of the eye color of the newborn baby.

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In the second photo, we can see the result of the genes and the color of the eyes transmitted to their children’s eyes color. So, let’s check the details.

  • If both parents have brown eyes that it’s obvious that the children will have brown eyes with 75%, green eyes with 18,75% and blue eyes with 6,25 eyes. Be happy if your child have brown eyes because this eye color makes the eyes healthier than green and blue.
  • If one parent has green eye color and the other has brown eye color, the dominant color will be again brown color especially if this is the mother. The brow eye color is expected for 50 %, the green color for 37, 5 % and the blue color ( which is rare eyes color) only 12,5%.
  • If the father has blue eyes color, the mother has brown eyes color then the result will be 50/50. 50 % will be accepted for the brown eyes and the other 50 for the blue eyes and the green color will be expected 0%.
  • But, if both parents have the same eye color, this color is expected for the eye color of their child for even 75%.
  • The last on the list is that if both parents have blue eyes color, in this case, their child will inherit the blue color for its eyes for even 99% expectance.
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