Learn to swim underwater with these simple tips

swim underwater

To swim underwater it is essential to learn to breathe properly, as well as to lose fear to avoid blockages in possible critical moments.

The holiday season comes and many choose a beach destination to rest and relax. Whether on the beach or in the pool, we must have a few basic notions about swimming that guarantee our safety while enjoying ourselves. In this article, we teach you the best tips to learn to swim underwater.

Diving is, without a doubt, a very pleasant activity and that everyone should experience once. The feeling of weightlessness and the beauty of the seabed make this activity not only a sport but a true enjoyment for the senses.

Before you swim underwater

It is important before starting to swim underwater avoid sudden changes in temperature by getting wet little by little with the water where we are going to practice. In this way, we eliminate the danger of suffering a cut of digestion. Remember that after eating the blood is concentrated in the process of digestion. If we dive, we suffer the cold water blow and the blood is redistributed, which leaves the digestion incomplete.

It is also very important to always respect any indication or signage of the place where we are going to swim, especially if we are going with children. In the case of the beach, there are usually flags or indicators of the wave risk at that time.

To Swim underwater, we must learn to hold our breath

First, to swim underwater we must learn to hold our breath . The longer we are able to contain the air in the lungs, the more pleasant the experience will be. And we will be able to move more agilely.

Children and people who are afraid to swim underwater can start practising in the bathtub or pool not very deep . We can count the seconds to check how we are increasing the resistance and lung capacity. However, we must always do it with common sense and without reaching the limit that could compromise our security.

Another option to start enjoying the views of the seabed while diving is snorkelling. This simple method, which consists of a tube through which we breathe through the mouth, takes some time to adapt. We must always try not to immerse ourselves too much. So that water does not enter the upper part of the tube.

Lose the fear

swim underwater

The fear, that arose, when we swim underwater is a great impediment to enjoy the activity. We must face the fear of the unknown or possible traumas of the past and, gradually, feel more secure in a medium as different as water. For this, there are courses with specialized monitors that will guide us and offer much information about our progress.

It is very important in diving to have a self-control over our emotions, phobias or anxieties. While we swim underwater, A situation of stress or state of panic can be very unpleasant and dangerous to our integrity. We must know how to control and not lose serenity at a critical moment or uncertainty.

Like fish in the water

Feeling like a fish in the water at a certain depth is an almost mystical sensation. It combines the feeling of lightness that we can feel when we swim underwater, in which our weight disappears, with the possibility of movements in all directions. In addition, swimming is one of the most complete sports, since it works all the muscles of the body.

How do we do it?

  • To start, breathe in deeply and swim underwater for the first time with confidence in yourself.
  • Take a couple of strokes to lower and let your body slide through the water.
  • If it costs you, imagine a mermaid that moves without difficulty with the movement of the abdomen and tail.
  • When you notice that your air is running out, take an upward impulse, take a breath, and submerge again.
  • keep your feet together as if they were a tail or open and close your legs to swim. Find your own style

Once you start with your first dives to swim underwater you can consider going a little further. There are qualified courses with professionals to practice diving at different depths . Without a doubt, it is one of the most wonderful experiences that the sea offers, since you can get to know the seabed first hand.