Let’s Peek in the New Villa in Marbella which owner is Cristiano Ronaldo

During life, we are facing with good and bad days and one proves that one day we can be poor and fighting for life and the next day to be a rich man is this young Portuegesse footballer. You all know them, know his name but do you now that now he bought a new villa placed in Marbella and he bought for amazing 1,3 million £. This young man, named Cristiano Ronaldo is a rich man who can buy whatever he wishes to, have a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and 4 kids that he grows with love. Now, he also has a wonderful villa that we have the chance to see it in the photos now and we will also make a short description of it!!!

Fact says that is worth a staggering £365million and signed a lifetime contract with Nike in 2016 worth an estimated £800million, is famed for his extravagant spending.

He is said to have set his heart on one of the hi-tech villas on the exclusive development called ‘The Heights’ set on the La Resina golf and country club estate in Marbella. He is a wonderful person like his villa too and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo!

villa in Marbella

The footballing hero is not believed to be direct neighbors with the Irish-born fighter but is only a few doors away on the small exclusive £15million enclave instead, which has become dubbed ‘The Superstars Cul De Sac’.

As you can see the villa looks amazing, the large swimming pool is placed outdoors, there is white color in the exterior which makes the house extremely good looking.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the second photo, we can see the front yard of the villa, the kitchen bar and this amazing exterior surrounding in the photo. Take a look.


In the next photo, we can see the dining room with incredible design, everything is in white which reminds to the sensational and elegant look.

Marbella villa

The living room has a modern look and accent of a house where every modern person will wish t spend the life!!!


While the dining room indoors looks so amazing you will hereinafter have a chance to see the indoor dining room too which looks so great also.


Let’s use this moment and take a short look in the bathroom place. This place looks so clean, amazing, modern and contemporary!!!


We will finish this post with a closer look to the villa which is so amazing and great looking. I think that we should all roof our hats in honor of this person! I think that 1,3 million pounds is the sum of money that describe exactly the villa like this! Villa of dreams!


Christiano Ronaldo

Photo source: https://www.legit.ng/1251507-cristiano-ronaldo-juve-star-acquires-13m-marbella-villa.html

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