Every Woman Should Know These Makeup Hacks

Makeup hacks are the topic for this inspirational post. I found inspiration in some women that spend hours for make-up. The result is embarrassing and never succeed to do the best of themselves. They wash their faces and makeup again and again without success. What they need is not a make-up course. They need tricks to ease their makeup. They need a make-up hack. If you are facing this problem too, don’t run away! You are at the right moment and on the right place. You definitely can’t miss these amazing tutorials for makeup. Keep reading till the end of this post. Enjoy!

Change your life and make it easier. Every woman should know these make-up hacks. Learn these tricks and tips to become an expert in personal make-up!

makeup hacks

Makeup hacks 1: A trick for long-lasting lip colour

Are you fed up of applying constantly lipstick on your mouth when you are already out? Well, me yes. This was the reason to find and to share with you a trick for long-lasting lip colour. Swipe on your own shade, lay a tissue over your mouth. The next thing you need to do is to dust translucent powder over it. Now set the chosen colour of your lipstick.


Makeup hacks 2: Use a white liner for the eyelid for the best eyeshadow

Use a little magic to show your beauty. Use white eyeliner. When you are using a white liner for eyelid your eyes look bigger, you look refreshed and your eyes look bright. You still may not be slept all night but no one will notice. Use a spoon to create a cat eye, if your aim is an attractive look. This is the smartest trick for those with small eyes. Go ahead, try this trick at home!


Makeup hacks 3: Apply false eyelashes with a clean bobby pin

Sometimes women simply can’t apply their false eyelash on their eyes. Most of them finish with an allergy of it. But, if you really desperately want to apply it, use the bobby pin to disperse the glue on false eyelashes. Change your life, make it easy, use this hack.

false eyelash

How to map contours of your face

Contouring look is very popular nowadays. Is used due to the better look of face cheekbones. I found this makeup process very difficult and I must find the way how to learn it. Just by using a pencil, pen, or makeup brush handle you can still succeed to make natural contouring look. If you can’t find where your cheekbones really are and to highlight your face, ask help from your friend. Or, check this tutorial about contouring face and learn better about it!


If you found these makeup hacks useful, I am glad for that. Spend some time on our website to see another amazing post with great ideas. Is titled: How to get glowing skin naturally!

We will finish here, thanks for your attention. Have a nice start of the week and share these ideas with your best friend!