If She Never Do This, Run Away, She is a Narcissist!

Sometimes is hard to reveal a person real face if she/he hides the feelings and acts like an amateur. But, if she never says sorry and apologizes to you, she avoids responsibilities, never forgives you and never express real feelings, run away on time because you have a job with Narcissist!  Narcissistic people deny hearing other people opinions, problems, ignore their presence and always put themselves in the first place. If they are not in the centre of the company they will leave without a doubt! Is hard to deal with a people like this. They are selfish, self-involved and there is no topic much more interesting than his presence.

Read on how to reveal if you have a job with a Narcissist and run away on time to avoid suffering the whole life living with a person like this!


The narcissist never apologize and never say sorry

You will never hear a Narcissist people say the magical word SORRY to anyone. How, can she say I’m sorry if she thinks that can never make a mistake? These people feel bad to recognize that made something bad or wrong. For this reason, never apologize to anyone which is quite normal to them.

Never takes responsibilities for anything

To take responsibility for what, I am innocent? You will constantly hear this sentence from a person that is always right. (even though he/she is wrong). You have to deal and to stand out with a person who thinks that the world is rotating around his/her foot.

Never forgives you

A person like this will never forgive you even if you’ve made a little mistake. This person never accepts the mistake you made or to hurt him/her. Forget about this person because forgiving is humiliating for a person with this attitude.

This person is hiding the real feelings, never showing

If a person hides its own feelings, you probably have to deal with a narcissist. This type of people never shows their real feelings. If our choice is to live with a person like this prepare to deal with an amateur whole life!

Never pay attention to you on the photo taken together

This person always tends to look more beautiful than others. For example, if you take a selfie with a person like this she will never look at you but only at her, in the photo! She doesn’t really care how you look but if you look better the photo will end in the trash. Recognize a narcissist after taking just one photo shot!


A self-involved and selfish person who never take cares of the others

This is the last thing that can serve you to analyze a person and to reveal its real face. This person tends to go to the top of the work but never to share the success with the colleagues.

narcissist selfish person

For the end of this post, check this quick quiz and find out if maybe you are a narcissist. Thanks for reading this post, wait for some time to see another interesting post on this amazing website!