Natural and Simple Ways to Whitening Teeth

One beautiful smile can grab someone’s attention, can steal someone’s look and even can make someone fall in love at first side. We look beautiful when smiling, we also feel great and happy about that. But what if we smoke cigarettes and have yellow teeth instead of white? Our smiling can look like a nightmare for us and we will probably wish to hide our teeth and mouth when smiling if we haven’t whitening teeth.

Don’t do that because our team of your favourite website has a natural solution to this problem. Scroll down and find out which are natural and simple ways to whitening teeth! All of it is inexpensive, effective and we have it at home!


whitening teeth

Use Baking soda for brushing and whitening teeth

Baking soda can surely help you to have clean and white teeth. Many times I have read that in the toothpaste actually there is a baking soda. All you need to do is to apply it on your toothbrush every morning and next to wash your mouth with water. Do this for a period of seven (7) days and see the result. You will have to whiten your teeth in a natural and cheap way. Also, mix strawberry with baking soda and clean your teeth in the best non-chemical freeway!

whitening teeth

Apple cider vinegar

This might sound a little weird for you. I have read in some articles that baking soda, lemon and apple cider vinegar can be used to clean the house in a perfect way. But, I haven’t the idea that these substances can also whiten your teeth. Make outwash with apple cider vinegar and whiten your teeth but REMEBER don’t do this every day. You can try it for example once a week. Trust me, after a month your yellow teeth will become white!

apple cider vinegar

Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables can clean your teeth even if you forgot to wash it this morning. Eating one apple per day is the same as you have brushed your teeth. So, is better to eat an apple and to have white teeth instead of using apple cider vinegar that you can either use it every day. Some researches say that pineapple can also wash your teeth, so don’t forget to include this fruit in your diet.

fruits and veggies

Regular dental cleaning

You can eat vegetables and fruits, you can use apple cider vinegar but there is nothing more secure of brushing our teeth. Don’t skip this habit because your mouth needs hygiene that can only succeed with using toothbrush and toothpaste. There is plenty choice of toothpaste that protects yours from bacterias and calcium that attacks your teeth and mouth. Protect yourself if you want to keep the pretty smile with white teeth!

toothbrush and toothpaste

For the end of this post, I invite you to read more about whitening teeth on this link Simple ways to whiten your teeth a home, also check our website where you can find many posts about psychology, fitness, beauty and wellness. Thanks!