On Average, People Gossip 52 Minutes a Day/Every day

Good morning friends! did you sleep well? I hope so, and invite you to be our reader on our post today that is very interesting. We will keep on how much time do people gossip per day and why do they do this. Stay with us and have fun!

The fact and the research I made gave me interesting information. On average, people spent even 52 minutes per day to gossip. Women do gossip more than men, young people do gossip more than older. People do gossip on work, at school and even at home. The fact that was interesting for me was that older women also gossip but more positively than young ones. Although, rich people rarely gossip that wealthy one that spends like I said even one hour approximately per day to do this.

People gossip about friends, gossip about colleagues and the most about neighbors..It’s enough with negative energy!!! Stop doing this, live your life and stop talking about other people.

people gossip
Photo via www.gulfnews.com

I think that gossip isn’t good and if you try to say negative things for some person, you also feel bad and are filled with negative energy. My advice for you is to stop doing this because remember that person with who you are gossip is also saying some things about you on another person. All these rounds in a circle and has no sense.

But if you are a woman, I’m not sure that you can stop gossip, at least you can try to reduce it from 52 minutes to 25 and live positive life, have more friends than before. Also, to become a positive person and what is important, to be a loyal friend or colleague.

This is the end of the post today and hopes you started your day with our page and our team. Before go away also check the top 10 characteristics of people born in April, the last post we shared on our page. Thanks and have a nice start of the week, don’t gossip at work today! 🙂