Overweight People are Happier Than Skinny People

It’s not so bad to be fat! Many recent studies and latest research has proven that overweight people are not scared of being fat, instead of this they feel HAPPY for their look. Overweight people enjoy eating good food independently is morning or evening. On the other side, the skinny people are scared of getting fat and gaining a weight so some of them skip the breakfast or dinner. This bad habit makes them feel unhappy or some of them get depressed. A surprising fact says that living with an obese partner makes you feel 10 times happier than living with the slim one.

Are fat people happier than the skinny ones? Find out after reading the full text and then read this extra information about fat people.

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Overweight people are less likely to get depressed due to their ”fat gene”

Skinny people are prone to depression and another mental disease because they don’t have the happy genes. But, overweight people have ”fat gene” which are also called ”happy gene” that helps them to fight with depression and makes them happy in the same time. Obese people can eat whatever they want without thinking of gaining weight and food makes us happy. Otherwise, skinny people avoid eating some type of food just to prevent obesity. Skipping the breakfast or dinner can lead to depression. Overweight people don’t feel an obligation to do some flat-belly exercises after eating or going to the gym, they feel relaxed and goos even is they are obese. That’s why these people are happier than the skinny ones.

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Men who marry obese woman feel happier

Not that just men who marry a fat woman are happier but they also live longer. This is an incredible fact that tells us to be a fat person is not that bad as we think so. One study of Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s ( department of psychology) explains this situation. Those women who are paying attention to not gain on weight forget about intellectual, culture and behaviours. The only thing that they are obsessed with is the food. On the other side are fat women who pay attention to their actions, prepare the best food for their husbands and make them smile often.

Plus-size model

When I’m watching a fashion show I ‘m always wondering how can be the model be so skinny? I that the beautiful man is looking for, bones and poor diet? You don’t have to be skinny to be a model. This year, there are a lot of famous plus-size models that feel happy with their job and look adorable.

Being skinny and having a poor diet can make you feel sick and depressed. One recent research has shown that a skinny woman is unfriendly and distracting for her partner. On the other side, there will be still obese people that will work as a model and will be happy with their appearance, eating the favourite food and preparing the same for their loved partners.

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