People Rather Text than Talk, Why?

Living in modern society and in 21 century makes you being modern people and leading modern life. I was walking on the street to realize that people rather text than talk. Their cellphones are in their hands and they even don’t move their head from it and rarely we can see how the phones are on their ears. But why? Because it’s easier to write unless to call, you don’t feel shame and also you don’t waste money to write because we all have wifi at home. Read more about this interesting topic, in the post below and recognize yourself or some of your friends that are always messaging you but never calls!

Maybe you will also like to read about the positive and negative sides of being the only child in the family. If you don’t feel the need to read it, it’s okay just read the full text below and we will be so THANKFUL for your minutes spent with us.

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What about you, will you text or call to someone? Tell us in a comment below the post.

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The first reason that we mention is feeling shame to do the call. the next reason is being far away from people, for example, being in a foreign country and have no option to call but it only stays to you to write a message on messenger.

The next reason is that people don’t want to talk and to be heard by other people, for example, those with large families. They avoid calling and even don’t answer their calls but rather a text. Or, people feel stressed when they call and the other person isn’t answering. But when you write SMS the person will read it, the same or the next day, this isn’t so importnat for you.

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When you call someone there isn’t an emotion to show like emoji, so this is also the further reason why people often rather text and text and avoid calling!

Next time when you will text your friends, family or partner, remember to this post and better make a call and talk!