Read About The Only Ways to Stop Biting Nails

A biting nail is a bad habit and the reasons for doing this are different. Some people do this when are hungry the others when they feel nervous. To stop this habit is hard, especially if you haven’t read about the only ways to stop biting nails. Many times has happened to us to feel ashamed of our hands look and untidy nails. The situation is worse if we constantly bite our nails. We feel ashamed when we go on a manicure. Trying to hide the nails when we applause, feeling uncomfortable when we meet someone for the first time. All this due to our BAD HABIT – biting nails.

Here is the chance to stop this habit and to make your hands look nice and tidy. Check the full text and find out how.

Keep your nails short can help you to stop biting nails

If you have short nails you will have nothing to bite. This trick might help you to forget about biting exactly the nails that is hurtful and painful and also, it affects your hands look. Otherwise, people who have long nails are prone to biting.

stop biting nails

Distract your hands by doing some interesting things

Another way to forget about the bad habit, biting nails, is to find some interesting things to do and hobby. for example, you can clean the house or learn to knit or crochet. Do some exercises that will help you to forget about your problems and being nervous.


Prepare tasty food recipe for you

Being hungry can be another reason for having this bad habit. If you want to stop it, prepare some tasty recipe for you. Fill the stomach and help yourself to have the control over your actions. Psychology says that when we always keep our moth busy don’t feel a need to bite the nails.

Wearing fake nails is another way to stop the habit

Try to apply fake nails that you simply can’t bite. When having nails professionally manicured and paid for that, its hard to destroy the nails look. Wearing fake nails can help you to grow your nails and to stop the bad habit of biting it.

fake nails

Add chilli on the fingers and stop biting nails the bad habit

Probably you are asking how can chilli help you in a case like this. But it surely helps because there is rarely a person that will want to taste chilly paper. This trick is used by many parents that this does to distract their children from biting nails. Discourage yourself from biting nails after covering the fingers and nails with red chilli.


Cover the nails with the wearing gloves

Step by step we are to the end of this post and the last way about stopping the nails bitting. Another smart idea is to cover the nails and to wear gloves. This especially functioning in the winter period and cold days. You can take care of your nails look if you use the mentioned tricks above.

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