Reasons why do girls like bad boys !

bad boy

Here we go: why do girls like bad boys?


1. Girls don’t like bad boys JUST because they are bad.

They like the qualities that most bad boys tend to have.

So in reality, girls don’t really like bad boys, what they like are the qualities that bad boys have the qualities that nice guys have.

So after reading this article, you will be able to know how to have those qualities, minus the douchebag part because

nobody likes a douchebag.

Bad boys are confident, assertive, and dominant in social interactions.

They take charge and are in control of social situations while nice guys are typically submissive

and tip-toe around the girl for fear of being rejected or saying the wrong thing to a girl.

Bad boys do what they want, they are straight-forward, they are not afraid to tease the girl, and they are never shy around girls in telling them what they want.

Bad boys are direct, to the point, no beating around the bush and they are not afraid to make moves.

They don’t overthink whether or not the girl likes them, they assume the girl does and goes in for it and if they get rejected
then they are not phased by it either.

A bad boy will tell a girl hey we are going to Starbucks at noon, be ready for the best date of your life while most guys
say stuff like hey when do you wanna hang out?

What do you wanna do?

Where do you wanna go?

Be decisive like a bad boy and you will be successful with girls like bad boys are.

Also, I’ve done a whole new article on this before that I will have linked at the end of this article but its worth mentioning this briefly

here… the BIGGEST reason girls don’t like

nice guys are because most nice guys are not really all that nice.

They are only being nice to the girl because they think being nice to the girl will make the girl want to date them Girls see RIGHT through this and it just makes you look dumb and actually LESS confident

because you are too busy to just be straight-forward about your intentions with the girl.

Long story short, don’t be nice with an

If you are ACTUALLY a nice guy, be nice to everyone and be nice without expecting something

in return.


Simple example just to drill it in: A guy who ISN’T nice might hold a door for a girl, expecting to get points with her in return or hoping she’ll check him out in return.

A guy who’s ACTUALLY NICE might hold a door for a girl, not even caring if she likes him

or dislikes him or says thank you or anything, and that guy is also gonna be holding doors

for ugly girls and other guys just as much as he holds them for hot girls.

So in summary: Bad boys are: confident, assertive, dominant, straight-forward, not shy, direct,

not afraid, decisive, and they treat people equally whether those people are superhot girls or ugly guys.

Bad boys

2. Bad boys have their own style and make their own moves.

They are not shy about being themselves and saying and doing what they want. In addition to this confidence, bad boys ALWAYS make a statement with their clothes as well.

There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who has a bad boy style down to the details and fits the part with strong body language and an even stronger personality.

The best way to show that you are sophisticated and direct is by dressing in slimmer fit clothing,

boots, darker colors like my personal favorite: black, and of course wearing high-quality accessories like watches.

Wearing a watch with your outfits is the EASIEST way to add that bad boy element and make your outfit look A LOT more distinct.

It’s time to step up your watch game and take your outfits to the next level.


Bad boys

3. Bad boys are mysterious and unpredictable

Girls like that bad boys keep them guessing and that they don’t know what here’s gonna do next.

It’s exciting and different than all the other basic guys who act exactly the same.

A bad boy will leave abruptly in the middle of a text conversation, he won’t always

respond to her text messages, and he won’t always be available when she wants to hang out.

He doesn’t try to impress her and he doesn’t put her at the top of his priority list, which makes her like him even more, which makes her wanna chase him, instead of HIM chasing HER.

You always wanna be at least a little mysterious and not available all the time.


Bad boys

4. Bad boys are unreactive.

I’ve talked about the importance of being unreactive because it shows that you area solid block of confidence who doesn’t give a fuck if she texts you back or not.

And this is one of the main reasons why girls like bad boys.

The fact that they are unreactive adds that coolness factor, like how in movies

the badass James Bond character simply walks away from an explosion – not running, not glancing back to see what’s happening,

but just confidently walking away with his head held high, knowing he’s the asshole boss.

Now imagine if James Bond blew up a building and then skipped away from it, looking really

nervous and not confident at all, whipping his head all around like he’s scared of getting

mugged and then texting a girl something like “omg why aren’t you replying to my texts???”

I mean, can you even imagine James Bond doing that?


You can’t.

He doesn’t act like that.

Because he’s a bad boy.

Being unreactive is the ultimate sign of confidence because it shows that you are not easily

phased by the everyday things in life.

And that sense of mental strength and mental badassery is what makes girls like bad boys.

And that’s it.

If you want a part 2 of this article let me know in the comments below


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  1. Point to be noted first of all awesome website and I love it at first sight. It’s so interesting topics.

    Now regarding this topic that why girls are attracted to bad boys. I think bad boys are confident for anything wrongdoing and they are master on playing tricks. Surprisingly bad boys have a good quality of sense of humor. They are not shy and confident. Some cases they do something like heroic. Actually quality flatten the girls and become easy victims of them. Bad Boys sex life much more exciting than good boys.

    But bottom line is that latter life bad boys suffer a lot and Good boys lead happy life.

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    • Thanks, bro for reading my article.
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