Reuse the Leftover Carpet Tiles and make Nice DIY Puzzled Rug

Hey creative friends. After the last post, we shared on our page and was about traveling and visiting the Doyran lake placed in our country North Macedonia we are here with new ideas and new post. Today we won’t talk about traveling but we will give you nice ideas to make it in your free time and decorating the home in the best way. We will tell you how to make DIY puzzled rug be reusing the leftover of the old carpets you have in the home.

Which material you need to gather before making the DIY puzzled rug:

First of all, you have to gather the leftover of the old carpet and making this creative rug to add in the floor at any room you wish to. Here is what else you will need for this. More than five leftover carpet tiles for your tangram carpet, so that every individual part of the tangram puzzle has it’s own color. Try not to bring Boucle carpet tiles because once they are cut their edges are very rough and often disturb the pattern lines Frieze carpet tiles work very good.
– you will need 1 cutting mat, could be discarded wood or anything actually.
-the second thing you will need is1 Stanley knife and of course new blades.
-the next thing to gather is one large roll of duct tape or gaffer tape, please only use good quality stuff if you wish to make nice floor rug and save some money.
– 1 ruler with a good high cutting edge 

If you don’t have a ruler you can use a straight metal profile with high edges and handlebar. We know that your ruler has hand grips that make it easier to put pressure on the tile and stay away from the knife so make a decision what to use while making it. Now, after we gave you the instructions about how to make it, we have shown you the ingredients and material you will need before starting this process, that is made by yourself, we will also show you the steps of making it in the following, through our photos below.

DIY puzzled rug

Here is the first thing to do, to cut the leftover of the old carpets at home, if you have different colored carpets it would be better for you because you will get a colorful rug.

puzzled rug

The other thing is to take a ruler and glue and to apply the carpet pieces in the order you wish to and making a line. Follow the next photo and you will learn how to make the best rug.

puzzled rugs

To make the things clear, you can see wooden squares where you will try to create squares from the pieces you already cut it. See photo now.

puzzled rugs

reuse carpet tiles

And when you will make all this, you can complete the rug in a cool way. Take a look at this photo and learn how to make it. This is the last step from the post and in the next photo, you will see the final result.

making a carpet

home decor

In the last photo, we have made an amazing colorful rug and beautified the home decor and the floor at the home. We are so proud of you and your effort to make this DIY project and making the best decor at the home place!!!

puzzled carpet