Some Words About Cluster Headache

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What is a cluster headache?

This is a rare neurological disorder and it’s characterized with a painful headache at repeated intervals. This headache attacks just one part of the head and only one eye. The pain can be the worst pain that person can feel it. A single attack may last from days to months, or it may prolong even for one year.

This type of headache is also known as an alarm clock headache and one person can have it at a precise time, each day at the same time to expect the pain to come. It even can appear at night and repeat every night in the same period that will leave you without a dream. Surprising facts!

cluster headache
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Unfortunately, there is no medicine that can prevent this pain. By the time you drink the pill the pain stops and has no time for the pill to function. Some people try with aspiring and ipobrufen but however have no effect. I made research this can just result with short time of the attack because the pain is so quick that you feel it and it suddenly disappears without any pill.

I think that it’s better to try with natural remedies and herbs that might help you instead of drinking some pills. This will just destroy your stomach and show no effect.

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