Spend 20 Minutes at Home and You Will Lose Weight

We all must find some free time during the day and use this time to make some exercise at home. With these exercises, we can lose weight and also keep healthy our body. In the following, we will tell you how to spend 20 minutes at home that will surely help you to lose weight. Stay with us and learn something useful that will be good for your body and health!!!

  • Squats with Side Leg Lift. 1 of 11. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart.

This is the very first exercise you can do at home, to spend little time but to be a healthy person and slim at the same time.

lose weight - squats

  • Push-Ups. 2 of 11. …

The second exercise you can do is push-up. Make about 2 to 11 push-ups each day and you will forget about your belly. Listen to music and make the push-ups to stay healthy person.

push ups

  • Plank Jacks. 3 of 11.

The next exercise is also on the list for exercise that is important and you must do every day to lose weight for a short period.

plan jacks
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  • Forward Alternating Lunge. 4 of 11.

Get healthy with this exercise.

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  • Plank. 5 of 11.

Do planking every day, at least 5 of 11 planks.

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  • Squat Jumps. 6 of 11. …

Jump, jump, jump if you want to lose weight dear friends!!!

squat jumps

  • Superman. 7 of 11. Will help you to lose weight

If you have no idea how to make the superman exercise, just check the photo now or follow the link below for details.

superman exercise
Photo via www.gethealthyu.com
  • Bird Dog. 8 of 11.

The last and the most interesting exercise is bird-dog exercise. This is a bodyweight floor exercise that strengthens the core. More specifically, the abdominal muscles, lower back, butt, and some other things. This means that you must practice this at home and losing weight for a short period.

bird dog exercise
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