Starting School Make Some Children Feel Depressed

Children at the age of 6 are starting school. All children aren’t the same and the feelings are different. For some of them, this is a reason for happiness and can’t wait for the starting day. What about the others? Some children feel depressed about going to school. Time spent with old friends is gone. Now, it’s time for a new beginning, new friends, new experience and studying.

Read about why starting school make some children feel depressed and anxious. If you have a little time, please also check why students hide their intelligence from their classmates.

starting school

Going into kindergarten is important for children socialization

Kindergarten is of the highest importance for children’s development. The best age for starting in kindergarten is about 3. Making new friends, eating in a group, writing in a group is important for socializing. Is better to accept socialization at the age of 3, than later, at age of 6.


Children feel depressed and anxious about the starting school

Depression and anxiety are serious diseases but it can be cured. But there is no cure for starting school! Those children who separate from their home for the first time, feel depressed when going to school. First time to meet friends in a group can express anxiety. That’s the reason why those children who skip going into kindergarten can’t accept easy schooling. Otherwise, socialized children accept easy going in school. The acceptance of teacher can be another problem for anxiety. A teacher is a second mother to students. But, this doesn’t mean that all students accept the new teacher easily.

How to recognize if a child is depressed or anxious

During the child development happens everyday emotions. These emotions differ from depression. How can a parent recognize if his child is depressed? If a child is sad, avoid activities, contact with family, going to school, probably is diseased with depression. What about anxiety? Anxiety is expressing anger to school friends, to the new teacher, to the family members. A child with anxiety is crying every day without reason. The depressed child doesn’t want to play with favourite toys. All this doing as a result of the new beginning, of the new start, of SCHOOL! 

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How parents can prevent and help their children

A recent research says that from about 200.000 of 1,5 million children starting with school, are suffering from depression. Most of them have emotional problems and need the support of parents. The worse is that some of the children end up with a psychologist to pass this stage of life. Some of them never pass it. Parents are responsible for their children and must prevent this disease to rise. With a conversation, sending a child to school, waiting in front of the school, parents can help. Buying new clothes for a new student, meeting personally with the new teacher can be also helpful for children. Meeting your children with classmates and meeting with their parents can pass too. Prepare your children to face with the new stage of its life!