What is the Future of Virtual Reality in Higher Education?

Education is all about the transfer of knowledge and virtual reality (VR) represents new ways to transfer knowledge. But how will immersive VR develop further in higher education? Towards the end of 2020, the University of Nottingham announced its first course to be taught entirely in VR. This course module, for engineering students, delivers mini-lectures […]

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10 Easy Indoor ACtivities for Kids

In a period when most of the people in the world are home, isolated and afraid of being infected by a coronavirus, we are here with our useful ideas. Our team found 10 easy indoor activities that will keep your kids busy and spend a wonderful time together indoors. We know that the weather outside […]

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Pressuring Kids to get Good Grades Can end With Bad Result

Many young and new parents nowadays are pressuring kids to get good grades even without knowing that this is bad for them. Having good grades doesn’t make your child happy and at the same time, having low grades don’t make your child stupid. If you make pressure on your kids and force them to learn […]

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