The Most Captivating Eye Color is GREEN

The most captivating eye color is the color that is rarely seen in people’s eyes and this is the green color. If you are greeny, congratulations! I have dark brown eyes but I will still write about the green eyes- my favorite. Today, this will be an interesting topic of our short post and we will reveal the truth about people with green eyes! What color of eyes you have? Tell us in a comment below but first read the text now!

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Just 2 percents of the world’s population have green eyes

Maybe you have noticed that even 55 to 79 % of people are having the same color of eyes – brown color. But, how often do you see people with green eyes? Not so often! Why? Because the fact is that just 2% of the population are having green eyes.

You can’t be born with green eyes

You know that period when the baby is born and eyes colors are changing until the mother is breastfeeding the baby? Well, this explaining the fact that no one is born with green eyes. Melanocytes can take up to half a year or even a whole a year to finish producing pigment, so, as a mother, you will have to wait so long to see if your baby will going to have green eyes.

Greenies are people with the most attractive eyes

If you have green eyes, you are a lucky one! Recent research has shown that the most captivating eyes are green. The green color reminds of myth, legend, beauty, beast.

Many celebrities have green eyes

Have you noticed that many celebrities have green eyes? Let me mention some of them now. Scarlette Johanson, Adele, Emma Stone, Gigi Hadid, Rooney Mara, Kate Middleton, Maisie Williams and many others that I won’t mention now.

captivating eye color
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Green eyes are the most sensitive eyes

The other fact is that when you have green eyes, you will face the problem of sensitive eyes. This explains the fact that many people that wear glasses actually have green eyes. In another hand, those with brown eyes rarely were glasses because brown eyes are healthier eyes.

Cats may also have green eyes

Maybe this sounds weird but cats also might have the green eyes and they are wonderful creatures. See this cat with olive-green eyes in the photo now.

cats with green eyes
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