The Most Popular Greek Hotel This Summer on Instagram

Hello dear friends. This post is about the most popular Greek hotel shared on Instagram followers this summer 2019, so check it out. Maybe this will be your next destination if you just see the photos below and see the beauty that hotels offers 🙂 This isn’t a campaign about the hotel advertisement but we just want to motivate you and show you where to travel and seeing the beauty of Greece if you ever come here in every period from the year.

The name of the hotel is The Syntopia by Orion and to sleep here for only one night alone, will cost you about 150E. The hotel is a new one and opened this year in May but suddenly became so popular on the list of hotels in Greece. Take a look in the photos now that are pictured this summer 2019. We invite you to see what you will get at the price and is it worth to give your money for a place like this. 🙂

The Syntopia by Orion

Greek hotel

Greek hotel

Greek island

Greek hotel


As you had the chances to see, the hotel is amazing. Interior is modern and here you can enjoy in modern bedroom, bathroom and the entrance hall is also modern. About the exterior is a stunning place! you can lay on the lounge chairs and enjoy in the sun. you can swim in the pool, drink some coffee, eating eggs and being with the person you love.

Instagram followers shared a lot of photos and posts exactly from this hotel and put the hotel first on the list for the most visited hotels in Greece for the year 2019. I think that what they like the most is the exterior design of the hotel because is stunning. What do you think, will this be your next destination for some long weekend or you will simply wait for the next summer and travel around?

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