The Skin Secrets Your Dermatologist is Hiding From You

Hey friends. How frequently you visit dermatologists and how often you have skin problems? Do you think that you always need powder on your face to look beautiful? Well, here are the skin secrets your dermatologists are hiding from you. Maybe you have some free time to check it???

skin secrets

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Reduce caffeine consumption – skin secrets

Coffe is healthy for you but you don’t need too much caffeine consumption but you have to reduce caffeine if you want to have nice skin. This is the first secret that your dermatologist doesn’t say to you.


Calm down and relax if you want to enjoy nice face skin and to look like a beautiful lady. This is the second secret that your doctor is hiding from you. Relax and keep looking great!

Go to the gym without make up

Never ever go to the gym with makeup. go naturally if you want to protect the skin. Remember this if you want to have nice face skin.

You can heal some skin damage

Yes, you can hide the skin damage with powder and still enjoy in nice look.

Here is how to reduce the skin cancer possibility

The most important food you need to eat every day to have nice skin is blueberries. We have so many health effects by eating this fruit. So, try to eat it and check the results.

Change the brush for makeup and do this frequently

You can’t use the same brush and you must clean it each month or simply to replace it and buy a new one every month.

Before doing anything else you need sleep

Before the massage, before botox and everything else you will need enough sleep. This is the last secret we hide from you and hope you will remember this.


Well, dear friends, I really hope that these tips have helped you with the skincare because you deserve to enjoy in nice face skin.