These are The Symptoms of Mosquito Bite Allergy

We are all sensitive to insect bites, but some people are more prone to allergies even if they are beaten by mosquitos, they might have serious skin consequences. Stay with us to the end of this article and learn which are the symptoms of a mosquito bite allergy. A mosquito uses the mouth which has two tubes, one is used for injecting saliva and the other one for drawing blood. The so-called Skeeter syndrome (allergy caused by mosquitoes bites) can be very dangerous to some people and resulting with a red bump and scratching. Tiger mosquitos are one of the most dangerous insects in the world.

Be careful, read the symptoms and find out if you are allergic to mosquitos bites! Stay slim if you want to stay safe of a mosquitoes biting because mosquitos potential victims are obese people. Read on, what follows is an interesting post!

mosquito bite allergy

Mosquitos choose their victims

These boring insects adore living with people and don’t beat anyone but choose carefully their victims. For example, a mosquito potential victims might be a healthy and uninfected man, pregnant women, people that are obese (because they have more to eat), people with type 0 blood, people who are tired and the most innocent – the children. Mosquitos avoid biting slim people. But do you know that if you interrupt a mosquito and its belly is not full, the insect will try to beat you again and again? And if it can’t do this the insect will try to find another victim.

The symptoms of mosquito bite allergy

People are different so the reaction of insects biting can vary from person to person. Children reaction of this type of allergy is bigger than the results in adults. The symptoms are obviously clear, redness and puffiness appear on the skin and this happens only after a minute of biting. It can also appear red bump resulting with scratching and red skin. In most cases, the allergy disappears by itself, by the time of 24 hours. But, in some of the cases, this dangerous insect can transmit West Nile virus, the Malaria and some other diseases.

Skeeter syndrome

The skeeter syndrome is caused by female mosquitoes that uses a combination of exhaled carbon dioxide, scent and chemicals in one person’s sweat. When finding an appropriate skin for biting, this insect inserts her proboscis and draw the person’s blood. All this is resulting with red bump and itching but not as a result of an allergy, but as a result of an immune system of our bodies, to proteins in the mosquito’s saliva. After biting, female mosquitoes rest for two to three days laying her eggs and after this is ready to ATTACK you again!

skeeter syndrome

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