Things to do When You Are Bitten by Snake?

Hey friends. In the summer period when the weather is so hot, we are threatened to by bitten by various insects, snakes and other dangerous creatures living in this world. In this period we travel a lot, going to the forests, going to the field and growing veggies. But we aren’t safe here because this is the home for millions of snakes living here and waiting for their food. Scientists say that snake won’t bite you if she isn’t afraid for her life so if you see the snake it’s better to not catch it and to get away from there. Animals won’t attack people because they don’t eat it as a food but they are just defending themselves even though if they bite us we can even die or lose a limb, arm, etc. However, every one of us can happen to be bitten by a snake and we should be aware of what to do in these bad days. The very first advice we will give you is when you are bitten by a snake is to not panic, but also read what are other things you should do.

snake bittes

  1. Do not panic ( there is no need fo panic because every nearby hospital has a serum that will save you life and you have even 4 hours to go into the hospital after the snake has bitten you)
  2. Do not use ice to cool the bite. ( this isn’t the same as mosquito bites you and it isn’t smart to add cold ice on the place because this will increase the pain)
  3. Do not cut open the wound and try to suck out the venom. ( you shouldn’t do anything on your own but you should call your doctor and he knows what to do)
  4. Do not use a tourniquet. This will cut off blood flow and the limb may be lost or your arm, depending on the place where snake bites you, it might be more places.
  5. Do not drink alcohol. ( if you drink alcohol and have no idea that a snake has bitten you this will kill you slowly but surely. My advice is to watch out and carefully see if there is any sign of your body of a bitting.)
  6. Do not try to catch the snake. It just wastes time and may bite you again. You don’t have to kill her because she already damaged your body and health.
  7. Look for symptoms in the rest areas of the body and finding our if the snake was poisoned or not. If wasn’t poisoned don’t worry everything will be okay, but it was poisoned hurry up and go to the hospital.

bitten by snake

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