This is the Food You Should Never Give to Your Baby

There is one English proverb that says,, We are what we eat,, and there is other that says, ,, We are what our parents teach us to be,. As a parent, I came across the tow of this and made a little research about what type of food we should give to our babies under age of 1 so I will share the facts with you, stay with me if you are a parent and you have little babies.

If you are asking me, I think that where we were babies in the period of 1993, 1994 we are eating any type of food given by our mother. In this period they have no net to read some recipes and food to avoid to give to their babies. However, we have grown up! Today, living in a contemporary world means to read useful things and know how to protect your little baby so the choice is yours as a mother, how to feed the baby and to pay attention to the diet. Some people will agree with me that we should give everything to our kids and the others will have a contrary opinion and will wish to follow the new trend of baby diet. However, you don’t have to share my opinion to read a little about my research about what little baby should not eat.

Never give HONEY to your little baby

Honey can be useful to eat it but never use to your little baby because most of them are prone to allergy due to honey. After the age of 1, you can try a little to try and give it to your baby but never before.


Never give blueberry, raspberry, strawberry 

Rule number two is never giving fruits that contain also allergy threats and can harm your little baby. It’s better to give carrots, apple, bananas to your baby and avoid this type of fruit in the diet.


Science says that chocolate should be also avoided in baby’s diet

Maybe this sounds weird because there is no child or baby that will deny chocolate if you give them but we shouldn’t exaggerate. We should give at least just one corner of the chocolate just to try.


Ice cream should be also avoided giving to the baby under the age of 1 or 12 months

Summer is the period when we eat ice creams but we should avoid giving it to our children because ice cream is full of sugar and we want to protect our baby. It’s better to replace the ice cream with milk!

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Avoid giving your baby boiled egg yolk

If the baby isn’t already 1 year you should give it boiled egg yolk. You should only give the egg white and make your baby grow healthily. This is the last advice from today’s post and we invite you to read about interior design and our amazing wooden rustic interior stairs, the IDEA that can change your home place. thanks for the attention and time you spent with us!

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