Unforgettable Ideas to Ask For Marriage

Hello there people, today we have to share with you unforgettable ideas to ask for marriage. Many young people nowadays are choosing public places and funny ideas to ask for marriage their loved person. You need a unique idea, a simple way, the perfect ring and the perfect moment to ask and get a positive answer from your girlfriend/partner. In fact, if she loves you she will answer YES independently how you will ask her. But, nothing costs you to be creative and make an unforgettable question for both of you. Will you be kind to stay with us at the end of the post to check it and use it as your own idea to propose your lover?

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Proposal on the beach – ask for marriage

Imagine that you are on vacation with your girlfriend and you wish to ask her for marriage. Take this idea as an example to ask here if she wants to stay with you to the end of life!

ask for marriage
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Pizza themed proposal

The second proposal is with pizza. Imagine, there is no girl that doesn’t adore pizza. Order pizza and propose your girl, she must say YES when proposed in the way like this!!!

simple way to propose
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Book proposal idea

The third proposal idea is to open the book on the page when the ring will appear and your girl will see it. Now, ask her, does she wants to be your wife and to stay with you to the end of life and open a new page of the book?? 🙂

book proposal
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Proposal plate – will you marry me

The last idea is about the plate proposal. Imagine, you are expecting the waitress to bring you pancakes but he is bringing you rain and letters on the plate: Will you marry me? What will be your answer, Yes or no?

will you marry me
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This is the end of the post, today friends. Thanks a lot for your time dear friends and keep following our page for new extra ideas, similar to these!!! Have a nice rest of the day and keep following us in the future!!!