We Always Hurt the Ones We Love, Why?

Intentionally or unintentionally, we always hurt the ones we love and let them hurt us. The scientific reason for this is that we can be really hurt by the person we know good. If a stranger tells us something bad, we will forget about his words but if the same words are said by a close person, we will be hurt definitely. We decide how to evaluate people habits, how to react to their actions and how to accept their bad words told in front of our face.

Find out what is an everyday aggression and in what are the reasons to hurt the people we really love.


Everyday aggression hurt people we love

If you spend a lot of time with one person expect to be hurt by his behaviours and actions. Psychology reveals the so-called Everyday aggression phenomenon and explains this aggression. The everyday aggression happens in a married couple who are often fighting but still can’t separate to each other. This happens intentionally by the person who loves the other person (in most cases) but does this with an intent. Richardson explains this phenomenon as a someone whose aim is to shoot with the gun but to miss the loved person, however, is still intentionally and aggressive. Most of the couples accept all this just to live with the loved person no matter what.

We are more aggressive to people we know and love

The basic reason for this is that we know good these people and knowing what they can do and never do it. For example, we yell at the person we know good and we love and. Even though, in some cases, this can ends with hitting and hurtful actions. Otherwise, we behave well with people we don’t know and never show any aggression or intention for hurting. After some time, the person who insulted, hurt and yelled feel bad for his actions and try to make excuses. Mans are more prone to use aggression to their wives and doing all this for some non-essential things. This also can happen in a relationship where a boyfriend is jealous of his girlfriend and can’t hide the emotions, he becomes aggressive.


We hurt directly our siblings

Siblings are very close to us and the relationship between them is very strong. This gives a right to us to insult and hurt them without feeling twinges of conscience. In many cases, the older brothers and sisters show aggression to their smaller siblings. In many families, this is happening every day and most of them accept the bad actions of their brothers/sisters without feeling harmful.

We hurt indirectly our close friends

Is hard to hide the anger toward one friend who made something wrong and did an injustice to you. However, we can’t feel so free to show our aggression directly. Friends are not the same as our family members. Our siblings and parents will always be part of our family and about the friends sometimes we feel afraid of losing it. That’s why we sometimes avoid hurting friends and showing disrespect. To avoid direct aggression read what are the effects of spending some time alone.