We Miss People That Aren’t Anymore in Our Life, Most for the Holidays

Hey friends. did you miss our last post about fires in Australia and 48 million death animals? If you missed, click here to read it. Today we have a sad post. It’s titled: We miss people that aren’t any more in our lives, mostly for holidays. If you have missing some person to be with you for these happy moments and days for celebration, read the full text.

Why we miss the people that aren’t anymore in our life and the most for the holidays?

During this period, we receive many guests at home, in many cases the closest person we have in life. We arrange the table the best we can and noticing that one chair is plus, one plate is plus and there is one person missing on the table. Maybe the person died, maybe we are talking about couples that are separated or get divorced those who were in the marriage. We had a habit to share these days with them, the chair, the table, the food and drink, the love and feelings. But, these people aren’t here anymore with or without reason. We’ve been missing the same people before but weren’t conscious about it. that’s what the science says.

lonely people, miss people
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It’s normal to feel depressed when missing people for the holidays.

Normal days can transform into despair days and you can suffer for these people. If they are dead, you won’t be able to see it again. But, if they are alive and you are just not in good relation with them, call them, ask to apologize. I want to say, don’t lose time-fighting but keep loving each other, spend together the holidays. Otherwise, your eyes will be starring in the same palce of the table chair that will be empty, unfortunately.

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