Wearing Seat Belts Reduce the Risk of Death

Good morning friends. I made a research about why seat belts are so important and if you don’t wear it you can pay taxes. I found a surprising fact that says that wearing seat belts reduce the risk of death for even 45 %. The research says that among drivers and front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce or cut the risk of serious injury by 50%. It prevents drivers and passengers from being ejected during a car accident and crash and helps to keep them in the car. Each year, seat belts save thousands of lives each year. If many drivers start using them, wearing seat bels and haven’t used it before, there will be even more saved life per year. So just buckle up the seatbelts and drive!

wearing seat belts
Photo via www.bbc.com

The fine for not buckling the seat belts are different in countries around the world. In England, Scotland and Wales for those who do not buckle up are given a £100 fine but in Northern Ireland, not wearing seat belts can cost you £500 fine and three penalty points. In my own country, North Macedonia, the fine for not wearing seat belts is 50 Euros or you can pay with penalty points. I think that if the fine is rigorous, the drivers will surely pay attention to that if they buckled up or not buckle up the seat belts.

seat belt
Photo via www.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk

Well, even if drivers know the price of fines and the price of their life, most of them don’t use the seat belts or only wear it when they see police on the road. My advice for all drivers is to drive carefully and simply wear seatbelts with the aim to save a life if the car accident happens, we never know what can happen so be prepared for anything.

This was all for today, thank you very much for your time. Also, read about how a flax diet can help you to lose weight, balance the blood pressure and offers any other health benefits.