What if You Still Feel Angry With Your EX??

Don’t ignore the feelings you have for your EX. If you still feel angry with your ex, you feel jealous because he/she has another person in life, this is serious! Beleive or not, this means that you still have some old feelings for him! I mean you feel love for this person!!! 

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You feel angry with your EX because he/she has other love in life!!!

Sometimes if you want to take a test if your ex will be jealous of your new person in life, just find other people to be seen with. If she/he gets angry, well the chances to still love you are 99 %. Good luck!!!

feel angry with your EX
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You are angry about not being number 1 on your EX

Oh, if you are angry that you aren’t on the top list and on first-line for him, well you are angry because you love him still!!! I think that if you feel like this, you surely feel something for your Ex.

You are angry because your ex left you?

Well, now you should ask yourself if you are really angry that you were left by him or the fact that you aren’t togehter anymore. Think about what upsets you and if you can’t live without this person, try to go back together.

Angry to call you EX?

You feel angry because he/she doesn’t call you honey, baby, sweety anymore? But he/she call you EX and he/she tells around how much hate is feeling for you?

You are angry because the new love of your EX is physically more attractive than YOU?

Oh. this is the biggest problem! Your ex is telling you that he can find another girl that is prettier than you! This is the thing that will hurt you the dearest friends! This thing will make you feel bed and will throw you back in the past where you should put the end of your relationship! You still love for your ex if all these things are your true story!

In fact, we all hate our EX but some of them can’t be forgotten! Thank you so much for your time and keep following us in the future when we will back with other posts and interesting things!!!