Why Doctors Avoid Prescribing Antibiotics

Many times have happened to me and also to my kids, when we get sick and visit the doctor, he doesn’t prescribe an antibiotic. On the first side, this was strange for me but after I asked more about it and he explained to me after I read more on the net about this, I made things clear! I found out why doctors don’t prescribe antibiotics and I will share this with you in this post in the following, I will keep on prescribing antibiotics Yes or No.  Stay with us to read important information for your health and don’t forget to share the post with friends!!!

prescribing antibiotics

The very first reason why they don’t prescribe antibiotics is that there is no need for it. Sometimes we aren’t so sick like we think and we will be healthy again with only drinking paracetamol, soup, hot tea and that’s it! We should do all this with our kids. We should teach them to drink hot tea, to give them paracetamol and try to fight with flu because antibiotics will surely cure the flu but will cause problems with the stomach.

The other reason is that if we drink antibiotics often, they won’t be any effect on it when we really will need it. Our body must learn how to protect itself, how to boost the more system (and we can do this with food high in protein, fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, and meat).

Even though happens sometimes to try to get cured our flu with paracetamol and our doctor avoids prescribing antibiotics, we can’t fight with the disease and the situation go worse. In this case, we can finish in the hospital if we don’t prevent the situation on time and we drink a lot of water and hot drinks with the aim not to lose too many liquids from the body.


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Although, when we drink antibiotics or our kids drink it, we ad they should also drink probiotic to stop the pain in our stomach. We can’s just simply drink the antibiotic without drinking any probiotic, rmeember this. Especially, remember it when it comes to working little children, we must protect them as a parent.

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