Why is sport so important in adolescence?

benefits of sports for students

When it comes to choosing the sport that a teenager should practice, we have to take many things into account, their preferences and interests, their qualities and body constitution, if it favours their overall development or is highly specialized, or if it puts their muscle and muscle development at risk. osseous.

develope sportsWhat sport should we choose?

Among the sports that usually do not pose a risk to their development, we have handball, basketball, athletics, swimming, cycling, dance, etc. They are quite complete exercises that can be started as a game and go progressively increasing their complexity. On the other hand, we find another type of sport that somehow can pose a risk such as a weightlifting, rugby and the like. We must be especially careful with asymmetric sports such as tennis since it can develop more of one part of the body than another.

What are the benefits of sport in groups during adolescence?

If to the practice of sport we add that it is in the team the benefits increase, it provides them discipline, to have to fulfil the norms and to understand their importance since when they do not fulfil them in addition to leaving losing them, they harm the rest of the team. They learn to work in a group and trust others. They discover the ability to lead, it is not about wanting to dominate others, but understanding what a leader should do to guide the rest and get the results together. Practising a sport also means that the adolescent learns to know how to lose, the tolerance to frustration because he will not always win is going to be applied in the other areas of his life.

What benefits does it bring to the mental level?

Benifit of sport among teens

School physical education is not enough since there are very few weekly hours. All adolescents should practice a sport for unlimited reasons, in addition to all the above help prevent obesity and combat sedentary lifestyle.

Sport in adolescence also plays a fundamental role in personality, increases their self-esteem, helps them feel good, healthy and strong, which increases their self-confidence. His mood is more positive which makes him face everyday problems with another attitude.

Physical exercise helps you to rest better and have a better quality of sleep since it releases tension and promotes relaxation. At the psychological level they realize the value of effort, learn to fight for their goals in the short, medium or long-term and become more constant adult futures.

The practice of sports favours the feeling of well-being due to the release of endorphins, the hormones responsible for generating a sense of well-being and optimism. In addition, a young man who practices sport will have fewer adult health problems.

To conclude add that it is important to practice sport not only in adolescence but from childhood. Not only is it only playful but we are strengthening your physique and mind. Therefore do not hesitate to make every child or teenager in your environment play sports because it is the best way to improve their quality of life and implement healthy habits that will last for life.


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