Why Some Students Aren’t Active Listeners to Classes?

Many young students attending high or elementary school are there in the class with their body but with their mind, they are traveling somewhere. The reason for this is that the teachers are repeating one same thing again and again and they are fed of listening. For example, if the teachers say all the time how the students aren’t listening to the classes, talking about low grades and problems in discipline, this is the reason why students aren’t active listeners but they turn off their brain to hear something that is very boring for them. If a teacher goes over the same directions all the time, this will happens every day and they won’t stay any active listener the class but they will all fly away with their minds.

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active listeners

Sometimes this can be a problem for a lot of fo student who doesn’t study at all at home and they didn’t hear and learn something about the classes. But also, there are those students that aren’t active listeners to the class but get study at home and also get good grades.

My opinion about this topic is that those students who aren’t listening, to be asked by the teachers what was the topic of the class and some other questions. I also think that smartphones should be taken from the students because most of them are scrolling on their phones while at the same time the teacher is giving efforts the present the theme and lesson. I think that teachers should be nervous about this situation but must find some solution to the problem.

For example, teachers can make interesting classes that won’t be boring for their students and will surely appeal their attention. They must find some new way to present the lesson and help them to not distract their attention to some other direction. For those who still won’t be interested in listening to the class and aren’t active listeners, they should be punished with low grades and some other executions.

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